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Point Reyes Bleu Cheese

     We chose this wonderful cheese because it lives to be served with fresh Abalone!
It originates from the same part of our great country, near Point Reyes Station California.
     This unique Bleu is made from cow's milk. It is available at AJ’S Fine Foods in Tucson, and
is worth every penny. If you are not fortunate enough to live in our beautiful desert city, you may
order it online from  Three Stone Hearth a worker-owned cooperative, offering nutrient dense foods
to homes and families around the San Francisco Bay Area.
     This cheese is tart, milky, and salty. I think it tastes like the Pacific Ocean and I love it!
It has a more aggressive flavor than Roquefort cheese, so it is not for everyone. If you like
blue cheese try this one on salad, or on a slice of baguette drizzled with honey, or off your finger.
Its very tasty with a garlic sautéed slab of Abalone also!

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