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How to Thaw Your Turkey


Thawing a Turkey

    One of the most difficult parts of cooking the Thanksgiving meal is
THAWING THE TURKEY! We must thaw the turkeys under refrigeration,
which translates to 2 days minimum for a small (15 pounds or under)
turkey, and 3-4 days for larger turkeys. This means, we have to find
room to thaw the turkeys (s) in the fridge when it is already filled to
maximum capacity, because we have been cooking for 2 weeks!
   So, what do we do? Bob and I use ice chests, thoroughly cleaned,
sanitized (1 teaspoon chlorine bleach per quart of water) wipe down
all the surfaces and allow to air dry. We check each day to see if
our turkey has thawed out yet. The ice chest will help keep it cool
enough for safety for a day or so. We also use this opportunity to
brine the turkey. Overnight is long enough for brining.
   The day before you want to roast the turkey, remove it from its
plastic bag and rinse it thoroughly, inside and out, with cold running
water, pat the turkey dry, put it on a tray, baking sheet, or roasting
pan, cover loosely and put it in the fridge. Even when the turkey
appears to be completely thawed there are usually big chunks of ice
on the inside that will never melt unless you run water on the inside
of the turkey. So while you are doing all the other chores, donít forget
to check the turkey!

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