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How to Brine Your Poultry


Use about 1/2 cup Kosher Salt per gallon of brining water.
You will need only enough to cover your bird.
You may add spices to the brine such as, a little sugar,
paprika, chili powder, onion or garlic powder, etc.

    Brining is a classic way to ensure beautiful, moist poultry when
roasting or grilling. This works equally well for chicken or turkey.
Since chickens are fairly small, you can simply place it in brine in a
container in your fridge. Turkeys, because of their size are another matter.
   So, what do we do? Bob and I use ice chests, thoroughly cleaned,
sanitized (1 teaspoon chlorine bleach per quart of water) wipe down
all the surfaces and allow to air dry. The ice chest will help keep it cool
enough for safety. Overnight is long enough for brining a turkey, chickens
may only take a few hours.
   The day before you want to roast the turkey, remove it from its
plastic bag and rinse it thoroughly, inside and out, with cold running
water and place it in your sanitized ice chest. Pour in enough of your
brining solution to cover the entire bird. You should also dump in
a bag of ice.
On the big day, remove your brined turkey from the ice chest and
pat dry. We like to brush melted butter all over then add whatever
spices. (often only salt and pepper) Now you are ready to cook
in what ever way you choose and serve up the most moist bird ever!

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